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A 4-show Compilation

May 12th...Howell Opera House...Howell,MI...
The show went better than expected. There were tons of kids going crazy and getting into the music. Fun times were had. Cash Till and I wound up doing a collaboration with Harvey Dent on the song "No Sleep 'til Brooklyn" by the Beasties. It went surprisingly well considering we didn't practice together one single time. As for funny anecdotes... H.C. went to a bar down the street from the Opera House for a couple drinks by himself like any self-respecting alcoholic would do. While sipping on what I could only assume was a Miller Lite, a guy comes up to him asks him his name. H.C. in turn says, "Vinny". The guy goes back to his table and has a brief pow-wow with the rest of the people at his table. Shortly thereafter, an older gentleman from the table walks up to H.C. and lays a big ol' hug on him. As you could imagine, this came as a shock to him. As it turns out, the guy who gave H.C. a hug was expecting his son whom he had never met... whose name also happened to be Vincent. H.C. explained to him that he wasn't who they thought he was and promptly left. As T.V.'s Batman would have said, "The odds of that would make the most reckless gambler cringe." Anyway, as we were passing the bar on the way home, we saw the family outside as the father was giving a hug to the appropriate man named Vincent. How's that for a Kodak moment?

May 20th...Pub1281...Mount Clemens, MI...
This was our official CD release show. It went well. Lots of friendly faces. It seemed more like a party than a show. I even danced like Buffalo Bill from the movie "Silence of the Lambs" as a contest. Yes, I was fired up on the sauce. However, feeling no need to impress, I wore pajama pants. It was kind of a bad move on my part because my friends, including H.C., took it upon themselves to pants me ALL NIGHT! ...I no longer speak to any of them. At least from this point on, we have a CD to sell.

June 3rd...Smalls...Hamtramck, MI...
There was nothing about this show that really sticks in the memory... oh yeah, besides the whole thing with Steve Mazur of Our Lady Peace PLAYING FUCKING GUITAR FOR US!!!! It sounded great. It's a shame that he can't join us. He was saying something about big record contracts, huge shows, hot girls,tons of money...blah blah blah. Sounded like a bunch of horseshit to me. Just kidding. He's just about the coolest guy you could ever want to meet. If you want to hear the live version of "Keep Your Receipt" with Steve, go to and prepare to rock.

June 21st...5th Avenue Downtown...Detroit, MI...
This was an alright show. Unfortunately for us, God decided that the first day of summer 2006 (a Wednesday I should note) should be celebrated with enormous thunderstorms with serious potential for tornadoes. Needless to say, attendance records weren't exactly shattered at 5th Avenue that night. We got all dressed up anyway; wearing all black dress attire and makeup. We were looking very Kraftwerk. We also had my cousin, Spoiled Milk's breakdancing crew, Lunchbox Jams out with us, giving their very best despite the diminutive crowd. At least 5th Avenue gave the bands a boatload of free beer, in which H.C. and I gladly took advantage of. So here's the show journal entry... now the rest of the idiots in my band will leave me alone about it.

...shows went good, Logan was looking in the mirror, pretending to be Paul Stanley on the "Smashes, Thrashes and Hits" cover.
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