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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: a five show review.

7/22/06 - Pub 1281 - Mt. Clemens, MI.
This had to have been one the best shows we have ever played. No, it was THE best show we've ever played. People really came out of the wood-work for this one. There were people there I had not seen in over a decade. The place was crammed to capacity (we wound up breaking all attendance records at the Pub). Some people said that they couldn't see us due to the place being packed like can of sardines. I was spreading myself pretty thin trying to talk to everybody. Das Beanheads played an excellent set (or two), and the show went off without a hitch.

7/28/06 - Jammin' in Ypsilani Festival - Ypsilanti, MI.
This wasn't so much a show for us as it was a cameo appearance. The band Mound, whom we played with at the 2005 Hamtramck Blowout (yes, the one with the infamous "megaphone incident"), invited Cash Till and myself to sing 'Destination: Anywhere' while they played back-up. They had previously played the song at a Detroit band tribute show (why they chose to play one of our songs is beyond me, but I'm grateful anyway) so they felt they should get Cash and myself to sing it with them in Ypsi. It was a long drive for three minutes, but it was worth it. Thanks to Dave and the others of Mound for having us out. And as for the Park-Master, we'll be back to defeat you!!

8/2/06 - Bullfrog Bar - Redford, MI.
OK. We were thinking, "Since we completely ruled the Bullfrog as a glorified hip-hop karaoke group the first time around, we will utterly destroy the stage as a full band the second time around." We were wrong. Out of a packed bar, I think about eight people were even paying attention to us, and out of those eight, four were applauding after the songs. For example,
"... I want to return it, but I lost my receipt. Stop!"
"(crickets chirping) ...whoo!... (more crickets chirping)
It was bad. At least Cal Cagno of 89X (you know... the new rock alternative) liked it. He has now got us to play an upcoming Whitney Garden Party. So some good has come out of it. But man, that crowd was abysmal.

8/7/06 - the Modern Exchange - Southgate, MI.
I think this show had potential, but it was well off the mark from reaching it. Simply put: there was nobody there. In a way it was cool because we could completely dick around and really treat it as a goofy practice. For God's sake, I was pretending to be Paul Stanley while Cash was pretending to be Mick Jagger. However, Steve Mazur (yeah-yeah, the guy from Our Lady Peace... whatever) was playing guitar for us again. If anyone knows how to serve up a steaming pile of humble pie, it's CPR; and Steve was eating every bit of it. We're talking about a guy who has played several Enormo-domes throughout his career stuck with a goony hip-hop group in the back of a vintage clothing store. How hilarious is that? In his defense, he just happened to be in town with nothing better to do that day. At least we got to see a band called Sun who were, for a lack of a better term, bizarre. Words simply cannot describe them. Our jaws were on the floor. 'nuff said.

8/4/06 - Majestic Theatre (Detroit News Sonic Summer Contest)- Detroit, MI.
I really don't want to get too deep into this one. It will make me angry again. We got robbed. Not nearly as bad as Search Party, who got raped as opposed to robbed, however, we took the pipe on this one. We played our balls off and had the entire crowd in our FUCKING PALMS... just not the judges. They picked Baby Bear's porridge and bed because it was just right. The fact that we're aren't a status quo kind of band must have been taken into account, because the judges went with a band that was easily digestible. Plus the thing was sponsored by the WRIF (you know... Detroit's home of rock!). There's no way the aforementioned goony hip-hop group (us) were going any further. I'll stop right here because I know I'm sounding whinier than I really want to... or whinier than I really feel for that matter. I guess there's always next year... Well that's the end of this spaghetti western, and I think Lee Van Cleef came out victorious.

...shows went good, Logan went mano y mano with the Park-Master in a no-holds-barred grudge match TO THE DEATH (it still rages on today).
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