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Not exactly the best stretch we've had....

8/11/06 - Howell Opera House - Howell, MI.
I guess this show went fine in the technical sense for us, but we were kinda out of our element and things got hectic. First of all, we didn't have H.C. with us. He had a wedding to go to, so we just sequenced his bass parts. It sounded much thinner than usual. Secondly, we showed up late, which didn't seem like a problem since all the other bands showed up late as well. Unfortunately, this sequence of events wound up pushing things back to point where Howell natives Harvey Dent got screwed in the end. Nate, the show promoter wasn't pleased at all, and we apologize to both Harvey Dent and Nate for that. On a good note, we sold a bunch of stuff.

8/12/06 - St. Clair, MI.
This show had the potential of being our greatest to date. There was a lot of hype behind us for this one. It was a benefit show for a two-year old kid named Timmy Larson. He has cancer and needed this event to help pay for the monumental medical bills for his treatment. Jesus, I hate the medical field. They are the prime example of capitalism at its absolute worst, but I digress... Anyway, to make a long story short, we didn't live up to the high expectations the people had. Technical difficulty after technical difficulty. By the time we figured out what needed to be figured out, H.C. and I were so frustrated (and terribly drunk), we couldn't perform to our capabilities. Our "set" lasted over an intolerable and embarrassing two hours from start to finish. At least the benefit cleared the $10,000 mark. Take it from H.C. and myself kids, stay away from jungle juice. It can only make your life take an enormous nose-dive.

8/20/06 - Club Bart - Ferndale, MI.
All things considered, this was a fun one. Yes, there was hardly anybody there. Yes, the stage was incredibly small. Yes, I could have been doing something more productive with my life. But that didn't stop us. We just ran with it. We were dancing like idiots and had a good time. There was actually one point in our set when there were more people outside the club on the sidewalk watching us than there were inside the club. No lie! Resident Alien put on a good performance, and we hope to see them again some time soon.

8/31/06 - The Whitney - Detroit, MI.
This was a good show. At points it felt like the only reason people watched us was because they were in line for the buffet, but that's cool with me. There was a guy dancing to us in one of the most bizarre manners I've ever seen. He actually wound up stealing our thunder, which I'm fine with. CPR will have other days. Other than that, it was pretty uneventful as most good shows are. A little mingling and politicking (as Cash is apt to say) went on after the show. Plus, I think we got a sponsorship from Freek Energy, but I'm not entirely sure.

9/08/06 - Western Michigan University - Kalamazoo, MI.
Yet again, a huge amount of potential that came up horribly disappointing. There were literally thousands of people here. However, getting the "headlining" slot wound up being a major thorn in our sides. Let me see if I can describe it properly. Imagine if you will, the place being set up like a giant letter "L". There are vendors that take up both lines that make up the giant "L" with tons people milling about like ants. At the point where the two lines meet is where the stage is. This seems like the ideal place for a band to play, and believe me, it is when things are going full swing. However, by the time we hit the stage, things were winding down to a fatal level. Now imagine that one of the lines that make up that "L" had all of its vendors up and leave. In other words, there were no more ants was walking by to check us out. There were close to 1,000 people left, but they were at least 100 yards away. The only people watching us were Cash's brother-in-law and a bum that we named Jerry. It was depressing to say the least. At least, we were paid well and given a hotel room to stay at. H.C. wound up partying at a frat house, Cash and Chubby went searching for a local Deja Vu (which was apparently harder to find than the Holy Grail), and I wound up in a bar with a splitting headache, drinking a pitcher of micro-brew. Needles to say, the drive home was a quiet one.

9/30/06 - Pepper Joe's - St. Clair, MI.
We had something to prove with this one. This was the town where we blew it. We needed to show these people that we weren't just SAYING we are a bunch of fuck-ups in a band. We had to PROVE to them that we are a bunch of fuck-ups in a band... a good band. So we did, and everybody loved it. We had people on the dance floor and cheering and singing. After a couple months of shows that were either hum-drum or sub-par, this one felt good. It has once again, for me, fanned the flames of passion I have for music. Unfortunately, I had to leave immediately after we tore down. Work and all.

... shows went good, Logan has been playing with pretend lightsabres and calling himself a Jedi Master when we all know he's just a nerd (but please be nice and humor him when you see him; conflict only makes it worse).
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