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8/20/05 Flint, MI

Upon arrival to this show, all of us in CPR felt a wave of unease as we looked at the East of Averill Warehouse. It was a gutted ice freezer that could have been the site of many homicides, which is kind of cool in its own morbid fashion. This show could have gone in any direction, resulting in disaster. Thankfully, disaster came to us by means of the path of least resistance: Nobody watched us. OK, the term "nobody" is a slight over statement. There was a kid there who really, REALLY liked the artists on Psychopathic Records. He was a monster of a man (standing at 6'9") that could have easily destroyed us all if so inclined. However, he liked us and gave us "clown love", which is probably less horrible than it sounds. In a way, I really am thankful nobody watched us. Trust me... the niche of society that was our "audience" probably would have murdered us if they weren't so busy drinking themselves stupid in the parking lot. Anyway, we still played our guts out and had fun. After the show, the lead singer of Publik Parking came up to me and said she urgently needed to talk to us. She then promptly got in a car and sped off. Hmm... went good, Logan was getting down with the clowns at
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