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9/3/05- Paycheck's- Hamtramck,MI

Jeezy Creezy, was this a horrible experience. We wound up waiting five hours to play one song that was completely sabotaged by the sound guy. I really don't want to get into the details about because it makes me angry to even think about that night. Plus, if I get going on this subject, I'm liable to write an entire essay on it. And you and I both don't want that. I will just say that our set was single-handedly destroyed by a vindictive weasel of a sound-man, all because we don't smoke pot and don't play rock music. I hope somebody takes him out behind the barn and beats him with a rubber hose (amongst other things). The worst part was that he was trying to justify himself by putting the blame on us... I can already feel my rage ready to blow, so I'll stop for now. went good... Logan, kiss the boo-boo and make it better!
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