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12/30/05- New Dodge Lounge- Hamtramck, MI.

So we wound up closing 2005 with a good show. It was a sleepy sort of night, but it was comfy. It was a familiar setting with a familiar (and ever-rockin') band: the Abe Lincolns, as well as plenty of good friends present. A solid evening if you ask me. A couple firsts occurred at this particular show...

1.) We performed the song "Every Sweet Song" for the first time live (second time ever!).

2.) Our puppet "Amanda" helped us out with the aforementioned song (you would have to see it to believe it!)

3.) Chubby tried a new way to incorporate a "cross-still" while putting on sunglasses.

So there you have it. Hamtramck has been won by us once again... that is until the next time we wind up playing there. That town has become our official arch-nemesis, and it shakes its fists at us. "Next time, CPR" it says "Next time!"

...and we'll be waiting. went good, 4 out of 5 dentists choose Logan over the other brand.
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