8/12/05- Hamtramck,MI.- New Dodge Lounge

We opened up this show. It went well. The Abe Lincolns (featuring Vinnie Dombrowski of Sponge) were great. They played a bunch of old rock songs (i.e. "Nobody's Fault But Mine"- Led Zepplin) and not too surprisingly, dressed like Abe Lincoln. Vinnie from Sponge was wearing mirrored sunglasses which made him look identical to CPR's own Vinnie Strockis (H.C.). It was very strange to see our bass player dressed as our 16th president, singing Judas Priest songs. Chubby's former drum teacher, Keith was also in the Abe Lincolns. Cash Till and I noticed that Chubby had taken a significantly longer time to finish his sound-check. We think he may have been trying to show off. This was an exercise in futility however, because once the Abe Lincolns started playing, Chubby got pissed off at how well Keith was playing. It was like seeing Anakin and Obi-wan. O.K... I'm a geek. There was also a drunk at the bar whom we endearingly dubbed "Bernie" because he looked a lot like the title character of the movie "Weekend At Bernie's". This guy was hammered and not fun to be around. He came over to us to tell us that he liked our performance and wound up screaming racially demeaning epithets to the black people of the area. Needless to say, we got away from this guy, pronto! We spent the rest of the night avoiding eye contact with him. I also found out that the lead singer, Mike of Influx (who also played that night) works with my mother at a collection agency.Just a little F.Y.I. Anyway, later gators.

...show went good, Logan rocks rough and stuff with his Coco-Puffs.
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8/4/05- Jacoby's/ Detroit,MI.

We played well despite the fact that the rest of the members of CPR got pissed over my haircut. They don't think it's bad, they just think it is "stock". In other words, my hair looks normal. I can't even believe I'm NOW talking about my hair... like anybody cares. That's something Dead Mike would do. The evening was kind of uneventful... except at the very beginning. When we got to Jacoby's, things wound up being the complete opposite of what our instructions (which, by its tone, was an email version of the Ten Commandments)told us to do. Chubby was clearly becoming angry, and then he started displacing his anger on the house band (who's fault it was not that the miscommunication arose!). Each of us found something to do while he was bubbling over. H.C. slipped downstairs and began drinking. I sat away and had a cigarette while staring at an ashtray. And of course, Cash was trying to clear the air with his ever amiable spirit. In the end, all turned out alright. Upon asking him about what had happened, Chubby claimed he was having a flashback to the Pooch days, and that he was sorry. Which proves the controversial theory that love really is a battlefield. Don't ask me how... it just does.

...show went good, Logan prefers Dead Mike over the name brand hip-hop artist.
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7/16/05- Belle Isle, MI. Thunderstock II

We could tell from the start that this wasn't going to be our crowd, but that was alright because... really... what is "our crowd". None the less, we still did our best and won a few people over. It was fun. I would personally like to thank Rick Foley (spelled correctly?) of the Detroit Underground for hooking us up. I can't wait to work with them again. All and all, it was a good time. There were some things that made this show unique, so let me point them out. First, there was this cutter there who looked like an even more strung out version of Iggy Pop who had two monstrous dogs that were a cross between Great Danes and Boxers... and they were mean. These dogs dragged strung-out-Iggy to bear down and attack a much smaller dog. It was both scary to watch, and yet funny at the same time because... well... just think about Iggy Pop being dragged around like a rag-doll by two dogs, and you'll see what I mean. Oh by the way... this happened twice. Iggy was soon shooed away by everybody within eye-shot. Secondly, during our set, this guy (later to be known to the world, in his stage debut, as M.J.) comes up to us right as 'Slave to the Groove' begins and grabs our bassist, H.C.'s mic to apparently rap. Now, we should have warned H.C. that this kind of thing occasionally happens at C.P.R. shows, because he doesn't really like it when other people touch his mic. Actually... HE HATES IT!, which is perfectly understandable. I was actually amazed by the restraint he displayed. I thought he would haul off and beat M.J. ruthlessly, but he didn't, and the rest of the band applauds him for showing that restraint. However, he didn't come to close to the mic for the rest of the set, which is funny in it's own way. I'm actually more surprised by the fact that Cash and myself allowed M.J. to rap with us and be able to get him off the stage without having to rearrange ANY of our lyrics. These kinds of incidents are one of the draw backs to using a sequencer instead of a DJ. Oh, well. Lastly, this show took place during the boat races on the Detroit River, whom our drummer, Chubby was a part of. He was in the pit crew for his brother's team, who wound up taking 1st in their final, so it was a really good day for him. Congrats, Chubby!!! That's pretty much that. 'Til next time...

...show went good, Logan was playing a little Pinch'n'Squeal with some frat boys (I'm not making this up... OK... I am).
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Port Huron, MI - 7/14/05

The show at Legendz in Port Huron went really well. The live performance is really starting to gel. The songs came off powerfully at the show. Cash and I are even enjoying the old songs that have been in our set for years. Everything has a new life to it. Nothing is two-dimensional anymore. It is clear that Chubby and H.C. are an indispensable aspect of the group. Even when difficulties pop up, there is no longer a sense of dread that used to manifest when things went wrong during the two-man version of the group. We are solid, and should no longer be taken as a joke or novelty. We have a true love of the music that we make, and it shows every time we play. This is a new chapter of the group that everyone can feel... including the audience. This show just cinched all of these feelings up for me. It felt good to play Port Huron again.

...show went good, Logan taped an episode of 'Saved by the Bell: The College Years'.
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6/18- Stockbridge,MI. & 6/25- Brighton,MI.

STOCKBRIDGE: Ah, what a strange show it was. Let's just say that the audience watched from a distance. This isn't all too surprising, however. I don't think the sleepy little "village" (and that is the technical term the residents use for their home town) of Stockbridge was quite ready for us. No matter; we played like crazy despite the initial lackluster response. After the show, however, was a different story. There were kids literally asking where the line started to get CD's and autographs. I personally feel uncomfortable in giving out autographs at this stage of the game, because I feel that we don't quite amount to a kind of celebrity status. It's flattering, but I know I am not that cool yet. In any case, Chubby seems to be built for that kind of thing. I'm not going to go into the details, but I will say that I was taken aback by his svelte rapport with the fans... like he practices in the mirror. It was... well... to be honest, awesome.

BRIGHTON: Big surprise... another strange show. This one was a "benefit" show to help kick off sayhyradio.com (I think that's the website). This was not at an honest to goodness venue; it was at a house. Not an out-of-the-way, backwoods house either. It was in the middle of a well-to-do neighborhood. I am completely amazed that the event wasn't shutdown by the cops while we were there. They must have contacted all the neighbors prior to the show. Good thinking, guys. The average age of everyone there was about 15-16 years old, which in turn made us feel really old, forcing us to reminisce on days long past. And not in that warm, nostalgic way either. It's more like a holy-crap-I-can't-believe-I'm-still-doing-this kind of way. However, the 10 year age-buffer didn't slow us down. As a matter of fact, I think it did the reverse. We showed these kids that these geezers still had it, and then some, despite the fact that we were battling a humid 90+ degree temperature (at least 100 degrees in the garage). In the end, I think most of the kids were really, really... confused. Maybe a little indifferent as well. No problem, we know that response very well. Actually, we kind of like it! A few people there dug the music, and that's cool with me. As I have said before, if you can win one person over, it's worth it.
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6/11/05- Grand Blanc & Hamtramck

The first show wound up being a bust, but that's alright because that kind of stuff happens. It was merely an act of God (heavy rain) without a contingency plan for such an occurrence. Oh well. Plus there wasn't a bona-fide PA system there, so we may have been spared from sounding atrocious.
The show at Paycheck's Lounge on the other hand went off quite nicely. This was the first time that the Cobalt Party Revolution with it's new line-up has played a real venue. No complaint can be made about this show...well... maybe one. Ludens, the guitar player of my old band Philly-Sanbos, whom I had not seen in almost two years, showed up and immediately started force-feeding me blackberry brandy intent on getting me absolutely twisted on the stuff... in which he succeeded. Thankfully, I still managed to remember all my lyrics. If you happen to see Luden's on the street, make sure you're on the other side, and don't make eye contact. Don't kid yourself... HE IS THE DEVIL!!! All in all, the show was fun, and isn't that what it's all about? So, now we are 3/5 in Hamtramck (a winning record, if I may say so myself). I'm really getting to like the live band.
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Croswell,MI - Croswell Lion's Club 5/14/05

The performance was nominal but fun. We had a hard time finding the place due to MapQuest throwing a street name that did not exist in the directions. Nonetheless, we made it. The funniest moment was when this guy came up to Chubby and started talking to him right in the middle of the set... for a real long time. H.C., Cash Till, and myself were staring and waiting for what seemed like forever. With some effort, he finally dragged himself away from the conversation and started the song. Some people have no courtesy, but it was still funny as hell. Other than some technical difficulties, it was a pleasant show.

...show went good, Logan was playing some grab-ass.
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04/30/05 Howell, MI- Howell Recreation Center

Yesterday was pretty hectic, but it turned out nice. We got to the recreation center to be greeted by many more audience members than the last time we played there. It was our first show with our new backing band, tentatively (and dubiously) called "Booty Explosion", composed of Vinnie Strockis and Jeff Sankeur (H.C. and Chubby), formerly of Pooch. We tore it up. I was pleased with the show. Granted, there were some minor sound difficulties during the set, but this show was an absolute paradise compared to some previous shows (see last journal entry). The audience was extremely receptive to us. A few people were honestly freaking out. I haven't felt that good about a show in a good stretch of time. Howell is my new favorite place to play.
The live band brings a whole new element and energy that Cash and I as a duo were lacking. I actually had the sense of really doing something on the stage instead of glorified karaoke. I haven't really felt that since Philly-Sanbos. I am very excited about playing future shows. !Viva la Revolucion y Booty Explosivo!

...show went good, Logan... well, you know the rest.
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Metro Times Blowout 2005- Hamtramck- 3/4/05

Cash Till / Kidd Ickarus: This was the worst band experience we’ve ever had; so bad in fact, that we are collaberating on this journal entry. Maybe you'll get a chuckle out of this.
Cash Till: I’ll set it up. So let’s start from the beginning. Shall we? Last year's Metrotimes Blowout was quite conceivably the greatest show we’ve ever played. When the Cobalt Party Revolution hit the stage, it was pandemonium on the dance floor. Everyone in the building was on their feet movin’ and groovin’ to our tunes (see video here). So, when we were asked to play THIS year’s blowout we jumped at the chance. With new tunes, a new vibe, and unstoppable momentum coming off of last year’s monumental performance, we were certain this show would be ever better than our previous. Upon arriving at the venue there were a few things that caught our immediate attention. For example, the unnerving pitch of Bruce Dickinson’s vocals. This was via the Iron Maiden CD which was being played at a volume level where any communication was futile. Okay, Clue #1 that this was not a place for a hiphop group. Clue #2 was the fact that those listening to it, REALLY ENJOYED IT. However, our third clue came in the form of Ray Street Park; a band who reminded me of a mix between Disturbed and System of a Down with just enough intensity to break down walls. Though good at what they do… Their rabid fans were not in the mood to hear two whiteboy hiphoppers kick fresh rhymes. This became obvious before we even picked up the microphone. After Ray Street Park obliterated the stage, Kidd and I swallowed hard and began our preparation. (this involved a last will and testament to friends and family via my camcorder). We approached the soundman with our usual speech, “We just need two microphones. All you need to do is push play on this CD. We’ll do the rest”. To which we are often returned, “What?!?! I don’t understand”. We’re quite conceivably a soundman’s dream but somehow more often than not, we’re their worst nightmare. This gentleman was very understanding and did what he could despite never dealing with a band of our unusual size. (two).  Now, onto our performance. I believe it was during the first few words of our opening song, “Who wants to Party?” that I realized this crowd did not come here to party. They came to ROCK! (and rock… we did not). Not only getting blank stares from the ‘hardened-from-the-demise-of-dimebag-darrell’-type onlookers, but our sound sabotaged in all sorts of creative ways.
Kidd Ickarus: First of all, at the end of our second song "Slave to the Groove", all the bass that was in the song was eliminated (don't ask us how!). Secondly, the bass on the cd came back... with a vengence. So much so that our vocals were drowned out. Thirdly, the sound-guy turned our music so low, we could hear the chit-chat going on at the bar over us. Nobody was paying any attention to us.
Cash Till: I felt like we were singing karaoke instead of playing a show.
Kidd Ickarus: The applause from the audience was one of two things: 1.) PITY- maybe they just felt bad for us. 2.) CONDESCENTION- I really can't fathom a fan of "Balls to the Wall" giving us a sincere round of applause.
Cash Till: After the conclusion of our set, we were ready to chalk this show up as a loss, and enjoy the Bomb Pops when a strange sound of feedback began  tearing through the club.  Not knowing where the sound was coming from, the staff began shutting down the P.A. system, the stage lights, the pinball games, and dart boards. They even resorted to turning off the breakers, one...by...one.
Kidd Ickarus: This wasn't a sound that could simply be ignored. It was loud and abrasive. The worse part was that there was no way of pin-pointing where it was coming from. It was bouncing off of every wall in the bar. People were standing on seats as well as the bar to possibly find the source. Cash and I were even getting involved in trying to find the sound, because we wanted to see the Bomb Pops. Eventually, people started to spill out of the bar due to the horrendous squealing that was defying any and all explanation!
Cash Till: Yeah, this went on for at least a half hour! So, Imagine sitting in a room with a relentless high-pitched scream for that length of time. It's the kind of sound that made people angry. The scene was getting really ugly. The staff was hitting their boiling point. We kinda laughed, because it seemed fitting, considering they butchered our set. (unintentionally...  but they did). I decided to grab our merch tub and head out. (it was driving us insane as well). However, when I leaned down to pick it up, my worst fear came true. It was coming from inside OUR merch tub....
Kidd Ickarus: Cash looked to me in a state of terror. He simply said, "Dave...". And I knew immediately what he was going to say to me. Only one thing in our merch tub could make that kind of noise. My heart sank, and my testicles got sucked up into my stomach... "it's coming from the megaphone."
Cash Till: I looked across the room to see if anyone knew my horrible secret. Now, the surly individuals that occupied the club hated us to begin with... if they found out WE shut down their bar... we were done for. I had to act fast. My heart was pumping out of my chest. I peeled away the lid of the merch tub tyring my hardest not to let too much of the sound out. The pitch then changed to an even more abrasive tone. Then the unthinkable happened. Someone in our party caught on to where the sound was coming from and tore open the lid revealing the source of the horrific sound for everyone. All eyes were on us. The jig was up... boy, was my face red. To ease the tension that was already so thick in the room, I erupted in FAKE laughter.
Kidd Ickarus: I think you would call it "nervous" laughter.
Cash Till: An applause was quickly interupted by jeering. Needless to say, they celebrated our departure. (which was in great haste... in under 15 seconds). Quite honestly, That was the most embarassing moment of my life. These words don't even begin to explain the dread that we both felt even though everything that happened was completely unintentional. Thank God the owner wasn't there; he would have killed us.
Kidd Ickarus: So what is the lesson, children? Never leave a megaphone on in a rock'n'roll dive when everybody hates you to begin with. This is Kidd and Cash tucking in our tails and signing off.

- Show went good, Logan taped it.
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January 29th, 2005 - Pub 1281 - Mt. Clemens, MI

The first show of the new year.
We've been so busy recording/writing a new album that we didn't have time to concentrate on working new hi-jinx into our live performance. For that same reason, I felt a bit unprepared this go around. Even though it was the live debut of our new track "Lights, Camera, Satisfaction: or How I learned Hollywood was a bad thing", I still felt like we could've gave the people a little more. The added pressure of having a plethora of friends (and family) on hand didn't help the uneasy feeling.
Small Town Revolver hit the stage first. The are comprised of members of the Lake Orion band, Mallet. (whom I played with several years earlier with i-defy). I liked them alot more this time around. Definately mastering their craft. When we hit the stage late in the evening, (after much unnecessary delay), and that familiar feeling crept up my spine that i've been missing for the past three months made my feet MOVE! To be honest the whole performance I was eagerly anticipating the outro. Courtesy of Vinnie and Steve (aka the 92' Garage Sale Rejects). It has this infectious synthesized recorder melody that will sit inside your head and consume your every thought. Truely a work of art. Recorded with a four-track, a guitar, and a casio keyboard. It was during this time that we ran around the bar hi-fivin' the regulars/non-regulars and breakin' into improvisational dance. Perhaps the most intense two-minutes-nineteen-seconds of anyone's life.
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